Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit
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We produce Purple/Super Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus costaricensis) and Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) from Indonesia, from our plantations, which have been checked, approved, registered and monitored by the Department of Horticulture of the Ministry of Agriculture of the East Jawa Province.


Our fruits processing and packing facility is approved and registered by the Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency and the Competent Authority for Bio-Security OKKP-D (Otoritas Kompeten Keamanan Pangan Daerah, Jawa Timur.


We are the first Company to be inspected, approved, certified and registered for export of Dragon Fruit to China by the GACC (General Administration of Customs China), which is the standard certification and licensing body as well as the approving and monitoring authority for all fruits exported to China.

Kualitas, Grading & Ukuran


Pengolahan, Pengapakan, dan Pengiriman




Dragon fruit as the picture shows is an oval shaped fruits with a pinkish to bright red peel (skin) with bracts (referred to by by some as scales) that can be both long and short, and that are usually green tipped except when the fruit is completely mature when the bracts turn red. The color of the skin of less mature fruits are green.


The bright red colored flesh is dotted with black seeds.The flesh is sweet and delicious. It is rich in fiber, antioxidents such as flavonoids, phenolic acid, and betacyanin, lowers blood sugar, contains prebiotics that encourages the growth of the probiotics lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and other helpful bacteria that kill disease-causing viruses and bacteria and also help digest food. It is high vitamin C and other minerals such as iron.


The Total Soluble Sugar or sugar content measured by the Brix Value can vary between 18-26% dependent on the degree of maturity before picking, generally 70-100%, and by some even at 40% maturity when the skin is green and the fruits are smaller in size.


Locations of our Plantations


We can offer Dragon fruit from East Jawa.




The season is from October to March. However smaller quantities are available in other months.


Quality, Grades and Sizes


Quality and Grading :

We only export the Superior Grade. Superior quality is free of pest and practically free from defects, provided these do not affect the general appearance of the produce, the quality, the keeping quality and presentation in the package.

The fruits are whole, fresh, firm,clean, free of cracks in skin or abnormal pronounced blemishes, free of any visible foreign matter, free of foreign smell and/or taste, possess characteristic of the variety, free of disease, rotting or deterioration, free of pests and damage caused by pests affecting the general appearance, free from mechanical and/or physiological damage such as low and/or high temperature; free of abnormal surface moisture excluding condensation. The flower end pit is no deeper than one centimetre and not swollen, and bracts are not damaged or discoloured. The peduncle (stem), if present, will not exceed 2.5 cm and without thorns.


The maturity level of the fruits we ship are between 80%-90%, unless customers require a different maturity. Fruits that are higher in level of maturity at harvesting are sweeter but however less suitable for transportation over long distances due to its softer peel, which is less resistant to mechanical pressure and have a lesser shelf life, reaching physiological maturity faster than fruits that are less mature. Fruits that are less than 100% mature at harvesting will have some streaks of green in their peel. The green streaks in the peel will turn to pink and a little yellowish in color as the fruits reach physiological maturity.

Sizes :
The standard Size grades are :
250 – 450 grams per piece
450 – 750 grams per piece
> 750 grams per piece


Our own brand is marketed carries the size 450-750 grams per pc, which are the sizes preferred by our consumer market.


2. Processing (Sorting, Cleaning), Packing & shipment


Our Dragon fruits are sorted, cleaned, washed and disinfected with purified water, dried before packing. Quality control checks are performed at various stages.


All fruits are sorted at the orchards for quality and they are later transported to our Factory Packing House.


Once fruits arrive at factory it undergoes another quality check before it undergoes a strict process of cleaning, washing, drying, after which they are packed.

After the first quality control check is over the fruits are sent through the conveyor for high velocity air blow cleaning after which they undergo a process of mechanical washing.
After the fruits are washed it undergoes another quality check, before it proceeds to the high speed blow dryer.


Thereafter, the fruits are checked again for quality and sorted for size automatically and and filled into cartons. The weight is controlled automatically. The fruits pass a further weight control check before the cartons are sealed.


The packed fruits are free from E.coli bacteria and Coliform bacteria and other pathogens harmful to human health.

The fruits are packed in 8-9 kg net corrugated cartons or 5-6 kg plastic crates. Packing can be done according to buyers requirements. We cal also pack fruits in fruit sleeves and fix stickers on each individual fruit.


Shipments by 20ft or 40ft refrigerated containers that are climate controlled, or by air freight in airline containers or PMC pallets.