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We offer Salacca Fruit (Salacca Zalacca/Salacca Edulis) from Indonesia, a species of palm tree, from our plantations, which have been checked, approved, registered and monitored by the Department of Horticulture of the Ministry of Agriculture of the East Jawa Province.


Our fruits processing and packing facility is approved and registered by the Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency and the Competent Authority for Bio-Security OKKP-D (Otoritas Kompeten Keamanan Pangan Daerah, Jawa Timur.


Our facility has also been inspected, approved, certified and registered for export of Salacca Fruit to China by the GACC (General Administration of Customs China), which is the standard certification and licensing body as well as the approving and monitoring authority for all fruits exported to China.

Kualitas, Grading & Ukuran


Pengolahan, Pengapakan, dan Pengiriman




The fruit is of conical shape, with a dark brown scaly peel that gives it the colloquial name snake skin fruit, and has sharp thorns which are removed for export.It has a hard seed inside.


Usually sweet, with a twist of savoury and acidic, it is crunchy and tingles the tongue, which make it an exciting eat, and addictive.


Rich in fibre, minerals and vitamin, the pharmacological properties of the fruit flesh and peel have shown some tremendous antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anticancer and antidiabetic, cardioprotective, hypotensive and neuroprotective effects. Its phytochemical properties include flavonoids, phenolics, glycosides as well as some volatile and aromatic compounds, including the antioxydents gallic acid, quercetin, chlorogenic acid, and epicatechin, proanthocyanidins, lycopene and β-carotene.


Since the fruit is a novelty to most, here are the benefits of this New Wonder Fruit!

  • Known as the “Memory Fruit” it helps improve memory
  • Boosts blood flow to brain improving mental health
  • High in antioxidant that helps you look younger
  • Good as beauty treatment as it promotes skin health
  • Improve and protects eyesight
  • Good for diabetes patients as helps regulate blood sugar
  • Lowers blood pressure due to high potassium content
  • Improve heart health
  • High in energy that helps increase your stamina
  • High in proteins that improve body muscle
  • Eliminate constipation due to high fiber content
  • Nutrients abate diarrhea
  • Helps weight loss by giving a feeling of fullness
  • Reduce “morning sickness” in pregnant women
  • Traditionally used to clear heartburn and stomach acid
  • You can never get fat – about 80 calories per 100 grams of fruit!

Locations of our Plantations


We can offer Salacca fruit from Central and East Jawa.


Seasons / Availability


The season is from June to August and from December to March.


Quality, Grades and Sizes


Quality and Grading :

We only export the Superior Grade. Superior quality is free of thorns which are removed during processing, free of pest and practically free from defects, provided these do not affect the general appearance of the produce, the quality, the keeping quality and presentation in the package.


The fruits are whole, fresh, firm,clean, free of cracks in skin or abnormal pronounced blemishes, free of any visible foreign matter, free of foreign smell and/or taste, possess characteristic of the variety, free of disease, rotting or deterioration, free of pests and damage caused by pests affecting the general appearance, free from mechanical and/or physiological damage , free of abnormal surface moisture excluding condensation. and without thorns.


The maturity level of the fruits we ship are between 60%-80%, unless customers require a different maturity. Fruits that are higher in level of maturity at harvesting are sweeter, but has a less potent taste and is larger in size.


Sizes :

The standard Size grades are :

  • Grade A – 8 to 12 fruit per kg
  • Grade B – 13 to 17 fruit per kg
  • Grade C – 18 to 22 fruit per kg
  • Grade D – 22 to 26 fruit per kg


Our own brand is marketed carries the size AB which ranges from 8-15 fruits per kg.

Processing (Sorting, Cleaning), Packing & shipment


Our fruits are sorted, cleaned, disinfected with purified water, dried before packing. Quality control checks are performed at various stages.


All fruits are sorted at the orchards for quality and they are later transported to our Factory Packing House, when it undergoes several quality checks.

Once fruits arrive at factory it undergoes another quality check before it undergoes a strict process of cleaning, washing, drying, after which they are packed.


After the first quality control check is over the fruits are sent through the conveyor for high velocity air blow cleaning after which they undergo a process of mechanical washing.

After the fruits are washed it undergoes another quality check, before it proceeds to the high speed blow dryer.


Thereafter, the fruits are checked again for quality and sorted for size automatically and and filled into cartons. The weight is controlled automatically. The fruits pass a further weight control check before the cartons are sealed.


The packed fruits are free from E.coli bacteria and Coliform bacteria and other pathogens harmful to human health.


The fruits are packed in 8kg net plastic crates lined with paper. Packing can be done according to buyers requirements.


Shipments by 20ft or 40ft refrigerated containers that are climate controlled, or by air freight in airline containers or PMC pallets.