Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato
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We can offer several kinds of Sweet Potato from Indonesia.


The most popular and sought after is the Honey Sweet Potato from the plains of the volcanic highlands.

Ubi Jalar Madu (Cilembu)


Ubi Jalar Ungu


Ubi Jalar Oranye


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Honey Sweet Potato (Cilembu)

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Cilembu sweet potatoes get their name Cilembu village of Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia and dates back to 1914, a time when Indonesia was under Dutch rule.


Shaped long and cylindrical with a slightly irregular shape, the exterior skin is rough with a golden brown hue and may be speckled with petite eyes and root hairs. Their inner flesh is light brown-orange to yellow.


It has a notable flavor – sweet and fluffy and the inner-flesh turns a yellow-orange hue, producing a naturally occurring honey sweet syrupy glaze when baked or grilled.


It is rich in fiber, antioxidants, and minerals, its carbohydrate content is good for diet programs. It is now cultivated in most parts of Java. The Total Soluble Sugar or sugar content measured by the Brix Value can vary between 10-13% dependent on the various soil conditions, curing and maturity level when harvested.


Locations of our Plantations

We can offer Cilembu sweet potato from East, West and Central jawa.


Seasons / Availability

Available year-round.

Purple Sweet Potato


The sweet potato has a purple whitish skin and a deep purple inside. It is denser and more filling but less sweeter than Honey Sweet Potato and has a sweet and nutty savory taste. It is often used in various dishes. The attractive purple color is also a pick for delicious food preparations such as cakes and snacks.


Apart from a high source of fiber, carbohydrates and protein, purple sweet potatoes also contain vitamins A, C, B1, and riboflavin plus iron, phosphorus and calcium. It is rich source of antioxidents of two types of anthocyanins, cyanidin and peonidin, and a type of polyphenol antioxident that lowers several types of cancer, promotes healthy liver function and neuro-degenerative disorders. The flavornoids in Purple Sweet Potato lowers blood sugar levels and protects insulin producing cells in the pancreas and is good for those with type-II diabetes. The Purple sweet potato also lowers blood pressure and improves gut health.


Locations of our Plantations

We can offer Purple Sweet Potato from East, West and Central jawa.


Seasons / Availability

Available year-round.

Orange Sweet Potato


Has a skin that is pinkish in color and the inner flesh is orange in color. It is less sweet than Honey Sweet Potato Cilembu.


“Orange Sweet Potato” gives a sweet aroma when cooked.


The orange color in sweet potatoes is caused by the presence of beta-carotene compounds which function as Provitamin A. The content of beta-carotene can prevent cancer, premature aging, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, sunburn and muscle disorders. It can also improve the eyesight and the immune system.


Locations of our Plantations

We can offer Purple Sweet Potato from East, West and Central jawa.


Seasons / Availability

Available year-round.

Grades and Sizes


We only export the Superior Grade. Superior quality is free of pest and practically free from defects, provided these do not affect the general appearance of the produce, the quality, the keeping quality and presentation in the package.


The Sweet Potato is whole, fresh, firm,clean,free of any visible foreign matter and root hairs, free of sprouts, free of foreign smell and/or taste, possess characteristic of the variety, free of disease, rotting or deterioration, free of pests and damage caused by pests affecting the general appearance, free from mechanical and/or physiological damage such as low and/or high temperature; free of surface moisture excluding condensation.


The standard Size grades are


100 – 200 grams per piece
200 – 300 grams per piece
300 – 400 grams per piece
> 400 grams per piece

Our own brand is marketed carries the size 100-200 grams per pc and 200-300 grams per piece, which are the sizes preferred by our consumer market.

Processing (Sorting, Cleaning), Packing & shipment

All our Sweet potato are first sorted and then cleaned of earth, washed in purified water, dried and cured before packing.


The packed Sweet potato is free from E.coli bacteria and Coliform bacteria and other pathogens harmful to human health. The Sweet potato is also free of other micro organisms such as Staphylococcus, Bacillus, Pseudomonas that cause spoilage of sweet potato during storage.


Sweet Potato is packed in 13kg net corrugated cartons or 500gram packs for retail. Packing can be done according to buyers requirements.


Shipments by 20ft or 40ft refrigerated containers that are climate controlled.